Women’s Footwear for Problem Feet

Fashionable shoes and footwear for women are available on literally millions of websites throughout the world with every choice, style and design imaginable but what if you have problem feet?

Many women especially in their later years suffer with conditions such as arthritis, lymphoedema, flat or swollen feet.  Suddenly the choice of fashionable footwear becomes that much harder with many suppliers not catering for women with conditions that require specialist shoes etc.

Commonly experienced foot problems in women:

Bunions: This is a very common health problem and one that is very painful. A bunion is a bony bump that normally develops on the inside of the foot especially at the joint of the big toe.

A bunion will change the shape of your foot overtime and finding relief is not always easy when wearing shoes. Finding shoes that offer pain relief is difficult and best obtained from specialist shoe shops.

Plantar Fasciitis: Often results in wearing non-supportive footwear, such as flip-flops and ballet flats. This is a very painful condition and if not addressed can stay with you for a lifetime. It is most common in people aged over 40. Again relief can be found by getting fitted with the right shoes.

Ankle Sprain: Of course anybody can sprain an ankle; however women are especially susceptible to this injury when wearing high-heeled shoes and platform-soled design shoes as well as other improper footwear.

Diabetes: Having the right footwear if you are a diabetic is paramount. The correct footwear must prevent rubbing, pinching and be highly cushioned to prevent cuts, sores and long term foot problems. Many diabetics have reduced feeling and sensation in their feet and may not be aware if their feet are sore or the skin broken etc.

Swollen Feet: Swollen feet and ankles is the most common foot problem in woman and can be caused by so many situations or conditions. Pregnancy, being overweight, having a medical condition or the result of an operation or lack of mobility. This list is endless.  Thankfully this is one condition that is possibly the easiest to rectify as far as getting the right footwear is concerned.

For more details about these and many other foot conditions as well as how to look after your feet see Wide Fit Shoes the specialist footwear provider since 1965 or call their London store on 020 8907 1742.

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Just in case you men feel left out in the world of shoes and want to compete with the ladies by filling your shoe rack we will also share a men’s wide shoes link.

Happy shopping.