Luggie: The Truly Portable Mobility Scooter

It’s a sad fact that many people as they get older and less mobile will not give in to the fact that using a mobility scooter can greatly enhance their lives.  The first step is to overcome the stigma that you may feel and realise that it’s not unusual in this modern world to use a mobility scooter. They offer greater independence and freedom.  Let’s face it, every time you go shopping, on holiday or just out and about you are almost guaranteed to see somebody using a mobility scooter.

What do you think when you see somebody using a mobility scooter? I can guarantee that you do not think anything, and certainly do not give it a second thought. Then why should anybody think any different of you if you were to give in and except that a mobility scooter could also greatly enhance your life.

Once you cross that bridge, what is the best mobility scooter to you?

This greatly depends on whether or not you want to travel from your home down to the local shops, the park etc and then home or whether you want to be are to take your scooter with you in the car, away on holiday or if you really want it for short breaks or a luxury cruise to sunnier climates.

With the lightweight, fold up Luggie scooter you can use it for all occasions due to its outdoor travel of up to 12 miles on one charge, its compact size and its very easy and quick folding design.

Its called the Luggie because it is a unique lightweight mobility scooter that enables it to be pulled along like a suitcase when folded.  The design of the Luggie gives great consideration to using the scooter in confined and tight spaces and makes it ideal for taking away on holiday, using in many smaller shops where the larger mobility scooters can’t access and of course storing neatly in the boot of your car.  The Luggie is also fully airline approved.

There are a range of Luggie models from Eco Lightweight through to Super Travel Plus with designs to meet the needs of every budget.

Why buy a Luggie Mobility Scotter?

Of course, you don’t have to, any mobility scooter will greatly enhance your ability to get out more, travel greater distances and not be restricted by how long or how far you could travel because of mobility issues.

However, if you are going to buy a mobility scooter, it makes perfect sense to get one that is fully adaptable to a range of requirements including being a travel mobility scooter that has the ability to easily fold with ease to take away with you, greater ease for negotiating tighter spaces and being lightweight enough to manage to take away on holiday.

Before you decide, check out the video clip for ease of which the Luggie is initially put together, the compact size once it is folded and even the ease with which it is initially got out of its box on arrival.

Check out the Luggie mobility scooter website or call them free on 0800 012 4258 for details of how to receive a free information pack or request a no obligation demonstration.

With more than 25,000 Luggies sold worldwide, a five-star promise to you, a dedicated five-year warranty and exceptional customer service and great customer reviews you will be left wondering why you never considered a Luggie mobility scooter before.

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