Getting Out The Car Aid

This handy getting out the car aid is an easy to use transfer device that simply slips into the car door bracket just before you want to get in or out the car and makes more or less a very strong mini handrail if you will.  It is designed to help you get to a standing position from inside the car.

Advantages are that it’s very portable, lightweight and easy to store in the car glove box and it fits most cars.  It also has a device attached that it designed to cut a seat belt or break the car window if needed.  Not really sure how practical those extras are and I’m guessing there is no guarantee on that side of things.

Overall it’s a great idea and makes use of a sturdy bracket that should always be a very strong locking point for the handy bar device.

One thing to be aware of:

It’s cheap so won’t break the bank but the only thing you need to be aware of is that when getting out of the car if you are a passenger it will only really be able to be used in your left hand (right hand getting out as a driver) so if you or whoever is going to use it is a passenger for example and has a weakness or limited grip on your left side it will not help you.


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