Genuine No Sales Mobility Guide

Most of us at some time in our lives will need a helping hand with our mobility needs, if not we will certainly know someone such as a relative or friend that does. Having access to a range of information and resources if only to pass on to others is always a good idea.

A new mobility and disability guide has been created by a double amputee that understands the need for a helping hand when it comes to different levels of ability.  Many items that we all take for granted including considerations and planning involving holidays and travel, the pros and cons of the Motability car leasing scheme along with what to look out for and much more is covered inside the much acclaimed My Mobility Guide.

My mobility Guide was created and is maintained by a person made disabled through sepsis. Sepsis is one of those conditions that most of us know very little about until we are faced with it, either ourselves or by knowing somebody that has encountered it either through the result of some form of allergy resulting in severe infection. While the website is not primarily about sepsis it does offer a good what is sepsis guide.

My Mobility Disability Guide

How Is Mobility Guide Any Different

Firstly you are not being asked to purchase anything, you are purely being given information and advice and more importantly from a person that understands and has experienced the problems and solutions that you may well come across.

Being prepared for a disability is something that very few of us ever do, we may well think about what would happen if we or a loved one would become disabled but rarely plan how we would adapt.  Finding a solution is not made easier by the wonders of the Internet, searching for advice on anything to do with mobility will certainly bring you pages of products, must buy deals and much more but rarely will you find genuine advice and information from a non-sales point of view.

Reading through the advice articles that highlight a number of available equipment and aids that make life that little bit easier is always a good idea so at least if changes in your life should happen you will have some knowledge and a greater understanding of how to go forward and make changes to suit your disability and continue living a rewarding and eventful life.

Many of us consider something simple like obtaining a travel mobility scooter, not because you can’t get around but more because we might not be able to get around as well as we used to or get tired travelling over long distances or restricted by natural conditions such as arthritis.  There is thankfully no stigma any more in using a mobility scooter and its advantages often open up so many more opportunities. 

Along with many other areas disability My Mobility Guide provides unbiased information and the pros and cons to consider when purchasing a mobility scooter is just one area covered in great detail along with many other subjects of interest to at least have the information at hand if you or a relative or friend ever needs it.

Bookmark My Mobility Guide for future reference either for yourself or for sharing with an elderly friend or loved one and help them by having the best information at hand and hopefully preventing obtaining items that will or could be detrimental and not offer the assistance that suits yours or their exact needs.