Creating an Accessible Garden

Gardening is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities undertaken by seniors. As well as being pleasurable, relaxing and rewarding, gardening is good for your physical and mental health. So if in our later years we find gardening a struggle it can be heartbreaking to no longer be able to undertake a hobby we love as well as having to see how once beautiful and colourful gardens decline.

Thankfully there are a number of things that we can do to make our lives easier and gardening more accessible.  In this guide we will offer you details and ideas if you struggle with bending down, can no longer access your beloved greenhouse, struggle or are unable to keep up with our ever-growing lawns or maintain those cherished fishponds.

In researching this we have teamed up with the GardenSite; one of the U.K.’s largest online garden centres with more than 12,000 products many of which have been specifically designed to assist the elderly and disabled to continue enjoying their love of gardening. Your benefit we will include links to products that we believe to be beneficial to you.

Accessible Planters in Raised Beds:

Alleviating the need to bend as well as being able to be seated to tend to flowers or vegetables that we want to grow can make a massive difference, accessible planters and raised beds also have the advantage of being able to be placed in the most accessible location of your garden, making them accessible to all including wheelchair users.

wheelchair accessible garden planter

Clicking on the highlighted link above will take you to an exciting selection of different designs, heights and styles of raised beds and accessible planters as well as raised pots and containers. It will also give you ideas if you wish to create your own or even expand on the suggested designs.

Ideas and Examples for Creating a More Accessible Garden:

Creating a more accessible garden is only limited by your imagination and your desire to continue enjoying your garden.  Low maintenance artificial grass may not be everybody’s cup of tea, however with advances in technology this type of lawn can look very natural.  Of course the biggest advantage is you can now sell your trusted old Mountfield on eBay because you never have to cut the grass again and it will look green and lush summer and winter even in the hardest of droughts and coldest of days.

Fishponds are traditionally sunk into the ground and as we grow older it can be difficult to get down to the water level to maintain the pond.  Raised ponds are becoming more and more popular because they offer a better view of the fish and pondlife but also because the pond is far more accessible, especially to wheelchair users or those that may want to sit for greater stability.

Image of a wheelchair access greenhouse

Greenhouses can also be difficult to access due to most having limited widths and raised entrance thresholds that makes stepping into the greenhouse more difficult or impossible for wheelchair users.  The good the folk at the GardenSite are keen to address this issue and supply a range of easy access greenhouses with wider, easy sliding doors and step free access. These products and ideas can be found by following this accessible garden link and also include details of ornaments designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy due to their distinctive shapes, tactile qualities that identify a range of ornaments by touch. Selection can be found by clicking the tactile garden ornaments link highlighted and include animals and specifically designed tactile statues.

Making your garden more accessible need not be difficult, you firstly need to think about a new way to enjoy gardening that caters for your needs as your grow older.  The products and services highlighted here should help you to enjoy your garden at any age or ability.