The Low-down Review on Adjustable Beds

I have had my new bed now for just over 8 months so offering an adjustable bed review giving the low-down on adjustable beds seems natural.  The aim of this adjustable bed review is to give anybody thinking about buying one a few tips and snippets of advice. More importantly an insight into what it’s like sleeping in an adjustable bed before parting with your hard earned cash.

What is an adjustable bed?

Sounds a silly question and my initial answer of “a bed that adjusts” is undoubtedly just as silly but read on, I will try to get more technical.

Basically an adjustable bed bends and supports the mattress into a range of desired sitting and laying position at the touch of a button. You may want to raise the head section for sitting up to read or watch TV or if like me enjoy a midnight snack.  You may also want to raise the foot section only.  This helps to reduce swollen feet, often caused by fluid retention, or edema.

What if i want to sit up but my partner wants to lie down?

This was my first question and the answer is simple that there are two mattresses on a double bed and each works independently of the other offering each person their own preferred position.

Who are adjustable beds for?

My guess is if you ask this question in 5 years time you will just get a blank look, very much the same as when mobile phones came out, we all said “not for me, who needs one” but now most of us have one.

So I guess now I have had an adjustable bed for 8 months I would say “they are for everyone” well everyone that wants greater comfort, greater ease of getting in and out of bed, greater sleeping and relaxing position options and well that little bit of luxury.

There are of course many medical and health benefits of an adjustable bed including easing back pain, sciatica and arthritis by helping to find a more comfortable sleeping position, helping with mobility problems and muscle weakness.  All making it easier to get in and out of bed by raising the head section but that’s for somebody else to write a review about, me, i’m just loving the comfort and varied positions available at the push of a button and not constantly tugging at the pillows as I slide down the bed.

I want to find out more:

As with other products under review we often include product references, in this case we can recommend getting a free brochure, free non pushy quote or simple call free on 0800 854 330 to ask any questions you might have.

Willowbrook Mobility Direct are a dedicated, UK based company located in Worcestershire.  They will be happy to help with all your electric adjustable bed needs. They offer free UK delivery of there “Made in Britain” products with a 3 year guarantee and are proud of their 4.7 out of 5 satisfied customer rate.

You can check out their extensive electric adjustable bed range by clicking the highlighted link in the text left and read why they are a Which Trusted Trader.

Would you go back to a standard non adjustable bed?

I recently stayed over with friends and its not until you go back to a non-adjustable bed that you realise just how comfortable and adaptable an adjustable bed is and how little things like sitting up in bed is just so much easier, more comfortable and more relaxing.

So in short, no, a lady loves her comforts and I would not go back to a standard, non adjustable bed, well, not unless it had Richard Gere in it but then I don’t suppose i’d be sitting up much!

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    This site is absolutely fabulous!

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      Re the above comment, never fails to amaze me how some people can take the time out of their life to say something so pointless.

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    What is an adjustable bed question made me laugh but then I read on and your answer was most informative.

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